Am I ready?

It is less then 3 weeks until the Monterey Half Marathon.  Am I ready?

My left foot feels good.  I can still feel some soreness on the left edge, but nothing like it was before.

I've been careful with my paces and not pushing myself too hard.  I've tried to remain faithful to the training plan.  I am doing 8 hill sprints on Friday, but otherwise I resist going past the pace I'm supposed to maintain for my quality runs.  I have felt strong on my hill sprints and no suggestions of my back going out on me like last time.

After my first 14 mile long run, I wasn't able to hold my pace for the 3 mile strength runs.  But I crushed my pace for the following tempo run. 

Here is my second 14 mile run.  Only one more to go, and so far I've managed to hold pace on these.

This week's series of 3 x 2 mile strength runs went very well indeed.

The 7 mile tempo run on Thursday also went well.

I've actually had to make myself not go too fast.  I don't want to peak too ea…

Test Drive of Sword & Spear

Over the last couple of years I've been accumulating rule sets for miniature battles during the ancient period.  "To the Strongest" was the most recent acquisition.  This time I pulled out "Sword & Spear," by Mark Lewis.

The Egyptians and Hittites are almost completely rebased - finally!  So I used the free to download army lists and put together two armies at about 200 points.  The Egyptians had one more unit because Hittite heavies are expensive!  Here are the lists:

UnitCost NumberTotalAVTot.AVArmy Point TotalEgyptian Chariots2825648206Close Fighters15460312Archers1534539Pharaoh4514500Camp01033032Hittite Heavy Ch4028048206Syrian Chariots2412444Hittite Spear1523036Javelinmen91922Slingers91922Levy Foot91933Emperor Wattilis451450

The Perfect Cure

The cured ham finally reached the 66% of its original weight mark.  I probably should have pulled it at 70%, but I forgot.  Still, it looks fantastic, and tastes even better!

Roasted some oats for an chocolate-coffee-oatmeal stout.

Then roasted some organic cacao nibs.

Roasted enough to make a cup of hot chocolate, but I needed to do some grinding for that.

The hot chocolate was awesome, but going to get a blade grinder for future attempts.  Had to filter a lot of this out after steeping and heating.

Made a terrine for dinner.

Transferred a red ale that became a ...


Breakout Turn 2

Finished the 6 inch grid for Rommel.

Decided to give the "Breakout" scenario a try.  Above are three combat elements of Americans - lets say 2 regiments of the 80th infantry division and CCA of the 4th armored division.

Below are the back of some of the units.   I know the insignia are all wrong, but they are there just to keep track of the different elements while adding a little historical flair.  This is CCA minus its artillery attachment.  I need to paint up my "Priests."  The truck in the American supply point.

The  317th regiment with attached armor.  Note I got rid of the steps on the combat track to minimize labeling.

Lets call the Germans the 3rd Panzergrenadier division with assorted Kampfgruppe.  Screaming mimis!

The other side of the "trap?"

The Germans were trying to line up for a grab at the American objective.  However, the Americans go first and grab the objective with off road movement and two tactical phases.

They also cut off the German…

An Encounter in France 1944: A Rommel AAR

I've never played any of the Honour Games.  However, I've been intrigued by some of the novel designs described at the website.

It was the announcement of "Rommel," a Grand Tactical rule set for World War 2, that finally induced me to pull the purchasing trigger.  I put my order in upon release.  I also picked up "Maurice" and "Freejumper," but they will have to wait for another day.

The PDF arrive instantly, but the actual book was not far behind.  Cheers to Honour Games for the prompt service!

Rommel uses company size units as the maneuver and combat elements that allow the fielding of entire divisions.  This is exactly the scale that I've been interested in and playing at for the last couple of years using Field of Battle: WW2.

I quickly read through the rules.  The instructions for the basic game aren't that long.  Overall, I'm happy with the formatting.  I like the army builder sections.  The scenarios allowed me to quickly asse…

A day of ...

...culinary adventures.

I realized I hadn't posted much on this topic lately, and yet there are days when it seems most of my time is spent on stuff I plan to eat or drink.  August 19th was such a day.

Time to make Kimchi.  Once I have some Napa cabbage, I then look around for what I can add.

Garden peppers (the purple and tiny red thai peppers), some cilantro, onions (red and yellow),  and garlic (of course).

Everything chopped/grated, and seasoning ready to go.  Don't forget the fish sauce!

Time to get my hands dirty mixing it all together.  Wash hands immediately after because those thai peppers are hot!

Let sit for an hour and then pack into a jar.

It could have used my fermentation crock, but it all fit in here, and the ceramic pie beads did the trick of holding all down.  I will taste tomorrow on my afternoon omelet, but it won't really hit its stride for a week.

Need to subculture my English Ale yeast and get a starter for next day brewing session.

Then time to chec…